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mobile phone charging station

The mobile phone charging station allows the safe charging of portable devices. Six lockers are available on each side of the product. Users can lock these with their own security code to ensure the safety of their devices.

The product can be used in various locations such as academic institutions, parks, shopping centers, or any place you desire. It can also be rented and used for temporary interactive events.

The design and features can be customized according to the needs of the clients.

The system is perfect for one-time events and promotional activations.

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Ipad donnée borne pour cellulaires anglais.png


  • Mobile device charging locker system (6 or 12)

  • 6-digit PIN protected lockers

  • Configurable digital display

  • Charging connectors:

    • Apple MFI, Micro USB and USB-C

  • Cellular connectivity - 4G / LTE

  • WiFi connectivity, access point with 10 to 15 simultaneous connections

  • Integrated IOT module (Temperature, Air, Pressure, Noise, Presence, Light)

  • Integration of mobile applications possible - configured according to the application

  • Presence sensors

  • Usage analysis and statistical report

  • 24'' screen (possibility of touch)

  • 120VAC

  • Certified and ROHS


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