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connected bench


Lightweight and compact, it is made of durable and environmentally friendly materials. The Humanity-Tech bench does not rust, comes with a 5-year warranty, and has a useful life of nearly 25 years. The integrated LEDs in the bench can act as safety features for pedestrians, both in the evening and at night. They are also customizable according to the desires and preferences of the promoter. Inductive charging (QI) is also highly appreciated by users.

Our systems are fully configurable, and many additional features can be added upon request.

All elements of our urban furniture are also available for rent for event activations

The bench is primarily used in cities, parks, and gathering spaces. It can also be rented and used for various events.


  • Public Bench System with Mobile Device Charging

    • 2 x Qi (induction charging)

  • Cellular connectivity - 4G / LTE

  • WiFi connectivity and access point

  • IOT module with integrated sensors

    • Temperature

    • Air quality

    • Pressure

    • Noise level

    • Presence

  • Integration of Mobile Applications

  • Configurable according to the application

  • Customizable upon request

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