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Humanity-Tech offers the possibility of integrating smart and modular street furniture on your public sites. We have wide expertise in industrial design and we are currently developing a software architecture that integrates and adapts to all types of furniture whether it's our designs our your own development.


We mainly offer an ecosystem of furniture adjoining a configurable media display terminal that will allow users to connect to a Wi-Fi network, all connected to our dynamic management system based on learning in Artificial Intelligence. In addition, all of our products offer wireless and wired charging for mobile devices.


Our systems are fully configurable while several other features can be added upon request.


All of the elements of our street furniture are also available to rent for event activation.


  • Public bench system for charging of mobile devices

    • 2 x USB

    • 1 x Qi (induction charging)

  • Cellular connectivity - 4G / LTE

  • WiFi connectivity and access point

  • IOT module with integrated sensors

    • Temperature

    • Air quality

    • Pressure

    • Noise level

    • Presence

  • Integration of mobile applications

    • To be configured according to your specific needs

  • Configurable on request



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