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The arch is an intelligent structure designed to monitor entries and exits in a specific area. It also displays advertising messages or simply informative messages. It can be customized for informational, touristic, or other purposes on the metal panels.

The system is fully configurable and adds to the range of products offered by Humanity-Tech. It also serves as a system to manage outdoor queues for establishments. The system is fully configurable and is an addition to the product line offered by Humanity Tech. It helps manage inputs and outputs in establishments, control distances in the queue while allowing entities operating the system to access usage data. The system predicts, analyzes, and validates user flow.

The arch can be positioned at multiple entry points where passages occur, such as parks and event venues.


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  • Dynamic Display Screen - All-season Anti-vandalism

  • People Counting System

  • Corrosion-resistant material structure

  • Cellular Connectivity - 4G/LTE or WiFi

  • Crowd Density Analysis

  • Integrated IOT Module (Temperature, Air Quality, Pressure, Noise, Presence, Light)

  • Possible Integration of Mobile Applications - Configurable according to the application

  • Presence Sensors

  • Usage Analysis and Statistical Reporting

  • Interaction with other Humanity-Tech elements


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