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PRT offers a turnkey crowd management solution in a given area. The system acts as a portal that counts the entries and exits of individuals by an access point. Fully configurable, the system allows you to control and analyze the density of crowds in the areas to be surveyed. It is a perfect solution for respecting crowd limits in entertainment establishments.


There is also a system that allows the establishment to manage the interior and exterior queues. The system is fully configurable and adds to the line of products offered by Humanity tech. It allows you to manage the ins and outs in the establishments, managing the distances in the queue while allowing the operating entities of the system to have access to the usage data. The system makes it possible to predict, analyze, and validate the passage flows of users.


HT002 - A000-100B3.png
2020-05-08 12-40-33 AM.png


  • People counting system

  • Corrosion resistant 6061-T6 aluminum structure

  • Cellular connectivity - 4G / LTE or WiFi

  • Crowd density analysis

  • Integrated IOT module (Temperature, Air, Pressure, Noise, Presence, Light)

  • Integration of mobile applications possible - to configure according to the application

  • Presence sensors

  • Usage analysis and statistical report

  • Interaction with other elements of Humanity-Tech

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