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Vehicle charging station


The vehicle charging station allows for the simultaneous charging of two vehicles. LEDs are used as visual indicators to validate the operation and availability of the product. The design also enables the station to upgrade components to evolve with new technologies. The screen also serves as an advertising platform.


Our systems are fully configurable, including the charging system used, and many other features can be added upon request.


Data is reported to the Humanity-tech portal, allowing the customer to view product usage statistics and identify user habits.

The customization of the station allows it to integrate into almost any environment, including cities, various suburbs, and parking areas.



  • Configurable Dual Charging System:Level 1 to 3

  • Dynamic Display Screen - All-season Anti-vandalism

  • Web or Media Content Management Application

  • Configurable advertising or informative content display based on a template

  • City and surrounding area maps - user-requested - display button

  • Cellular Connectivity - 4G/LTE

  • WiFi Connectivity and Access Point

  • IOT Module with Integrated Sensors

    • Temperature

    • Air quality

    • Pressure

    • Noise level

    • Presence

  • Integration of mobile applications

  • Configurable according to the application

  • Customizable upon request

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