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tourist kiosk


The tourist kiosk is an installation designed to enhance the tourist experience by providing information such as activity recommendations, itineraries, and details about local events. By offering this service, visitors have quick and personalized access to essential information to explore the area in multiple languages. They contribute to making the visit more convenient and enriching for travelers.

A good location for the kiosk is crucial for its proper functioning, such as places where many events take place, a location with a high flow of pedestrians, or a central point connected to local tourism.

Our systems are fully configurable, and many additional features can be added upon request.


  • Dynamic Display Screen - All-season Anti-vandalism

  • Web or Media Content Management Application

  • Configurable advertising or informative content display based on a template

  • City and surrounding area maps - user-requested - display button

  • Cellular Connectivity - 4G/LTE

  • WiFi Connectivity and Access Point

  • IOT Module with Integrated Sensors

    • Temperature

    • Air quality

    • Pressure

    • Noise level

    • Presence

  • Integration of mobile applications

  • Configurable according to the application

  • Addition of a communication means with users and an attendant

  • Customizable upon request

Ipad donnée borne touristique anglais.png


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