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The STATION model is the result of the complete integration of our intelligent urban bench and display ecosystem.

The station serves as the control point for a connected urban environment. It will act as the access center for all connected elements in the vicinity, whether they are based on Humanity-Tech technology or elements provided by external sources. The system is fully configurable.

The system is entirely configurable and aligns well with the sustainable development process for connected cities and villages.

The station can be installed where public transportation is available, making it ideal to position it in both urban and suburban areas.

CARTE anglais découpé.png



  • Public furniture complete ecosystem

  • Charging of mobile devices

    • 2 x USB

    • 2 x Qi

  • Screen with dynamic display

    • 4 seasons

    • anti-vandalism

  • WEB or MEDIA content management application

  • Display of advertising or informative content configurable through a template

  • Growing plant container (2) allows the addition of flowers and shrubs

  • City and surroundings maps - at user request - display button

  • Cellular connectivity - 4G / LTE

  • WiFi connectivity, access point

  • Integrated IOT module (Temperature, Air, Pressure, Noise, Presence, Light)

  • Integration of mobile applications possible - to configure according to the application


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