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The STATION model is the result of the complete integration of our ecosystem of smart urban furniture and displays.


It features the control point of a connected urban environment. It serves as an access center for all surrounding connected elements, whether based on Humanity-Tech technology or on elements supplied by external sources.


The system is fully configurable and fits well into a sustainable development process for connected cities and towns.


Mobilier aire attente_lr.jpg


  • Public furniture complete ecosystem

  • Charging of mobile devices

    • 3 x USB

    • 2 x Qi

  • Screen with dynamic display

    • 3 or 4 seasons

    • anti-vandalism

  • WEB or MEDIA content management application

  • Display of advertising or informative content configurable through a template

  • Growing plant container (2) allows the addition of flowers and shrubs

  • City and surroundings maps - at user request - display button

  • Cellular connectivity - 4G / LTE

  • WiFi connectivity, access point

  • Integrated IOT module (Temperature, Air, Pressure, Noise, Presence, Light)

  • Integration of mobile applications possible - to configure according to the application

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